7:33 AM 2/4/2021 - Attention FBI: Was it a TRAP?! Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger: What Went Wrong During FBI Search Warrant That Led To Shooting, Agents' Deaths?


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Pelosi issues statement blasting "cowardly" GOP leader "McCarthy (Q-CA)" hill.cm/kyn6v0o



Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger

Attention FBI: 

Are these the Telling Names

Alfin: "Alpha Male",  Schwartzenberger - self-explanatory, in facetious contrast to her actual ethnicity.

Was this prearranged, very likely by the (Russian) Mob, sending their facetious message? Was this a set up? It looks like it. 

Was it a TRAP?! 

As a response to you setting up the traps?

Investigate vigorously this aspect also, along with others. 

Evaluate this occurrence within the context of the current situation. 

If you do not investigate it properly and in depth, you setting yourselves up for the future losses. 

Did someone within the FBI give them (the Mob) a tip about the planned arrest? This is a very serious matter. 

Michael Novakhov7:33 AM 2/4/2021 

FBI News Review

House leaders ask for FBI docs to assess any widespread failures leading up to Capitol mob  WAPT Jackson

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7:04 AM 12/19/2020 – Investigate Trump and Trumpism in depth, including its very possible German Fascist and Abwehr roots!
By Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) December 19, 2020

Put the Trump Criminal Family in prison, and ASAP!

Investigate Trump and Trumpism in depth, including its very possible German Fascist and Abwehr roots!

Investigate the GOP, the FBI, the CIA and other related structures for their roles in creating and bringing to power the historical monstrosity and aberration of Trumpism.

I suspect strongly that Trump is the Very Special Agent of the FBI.

Investigate the Invesdtigators!


Michael Novakhov

7:04 AM 12/19/2020

Anders Åslund

Does anybody still believe that Trump works for the US? I don't. He behaves as if he serves Netanyahu, MBS & Putin. Tragically, the US lacks checks & balances & is unable to stop his misdeeds. He can cause a lot of damage to the US during his hopefully last month.


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SolarWinds hackers broke into U.S. cable firm and Arizona county, web records show | Reuters https://in.reuters.com/article/usa-cy

VIOLENCE AT THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL — FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI looking for rioters, video from U.S. Capitol building breach  WZTV
South Florida Man Who Discussed FBI Probe on Social Media Arrested in U.S. Capitol Breach  NBC 6 South Florida
Two FBI Agents Killed While Serving Warrant in Sunrise: Sources  NBC 6 South Florida
FBI agent killed in Florida studied criminal justice at Northeastern  The Boston Globe
Fearing violence and political uncertainty, Americans are buying millions more firearms  The Washington Post

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News FBI, MSP respond to new attacks on law enforcement in Miami and Northern Michigan  WXYZ
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Leader of Hawaii ‘Proud Boys’ Nick Ochs arrested by FBI for Unlawful Entry into U.S. Capitol  WATE 6 On Your Side
House leaders ask for FBI docs to assess any widespread failures leading up to Capitol mob  WAPT Jackson
Tight security at mostly calm US capitols as Joe Biden is inaugurated  CNN
Kentucky Man Arrested and Charged in Federal Court for Actions at the U.S. Capitol  Department of Justice
Authorities Release New Details on Deadly Sunrise FBI Shooting  NBC 6 South Florida
Father of Slain FBI Agent Says Son Was "One of the Very Best Good Guys"  News 13 Orlando
Prince Andrew's Pitch@Palace staff ‘jumping ship’ amid ‘toxic’ Jeffrey Epstein scandal  Express

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FBI vetting National Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack  9News.com KUSA
Activists wary of broader law enforcement after Capitol riot  Jacksonville Journal-Courier

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Denver law enforcement prepares after FBI warns of armed marches  9News.com KUSA
FBI agents face danger executing search warrants, experts say  WPLG Local 10
Biden will not withdraw troops from Germany and Afghanistan - Google Search google.com/search?q=Biden… militarytimes.com/news/your-mili…
Biden will not withdraw troops from Germany and Afghanistan - Google Search google.com/search?q=Biden… stripes.com/news/europe/tr…
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Joe Biden stands firm on $1,400 stimulus check amount, flexible who gets it newsweek.com/joe-biden-1400…
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Businesses that invest in Crimea could be granted anonymity under a new Russian law designed to protect investors from falling under Western sanctions themoscowtimes.com/2021/02/04/rus…
The News And Times: 6:18 AM 2/4/2021 - News Brief: On Twitter thenewsandtimes.blogspot.com/2021/02/618-am…


CNN Daily News Briefing - Morning news briefing for February 4, 2021 podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6L…


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Analysis: Some police deaths are more worrisome to Fox News than others wapo.st/36B8qXK
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China pays 'close attention' as US warship passes the Taiwan Strait trib.al/vZslwLJ
Michael Novakhov retweeted:
Pelosi issues statement blasting "cowardly" GOP leader "McCarthy (Q-CA)" hill.cm/kyn6v0o




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