7:56 AM 12/7/2017 - Michael Novakhov – My Bullet Points: Stop this hysteria, and stop scapegoating Peter Strzok.

  • Stop this hysteria, and stop scapegoating Peter Strzok.
The political attitudes, and expressing them, on the part of the FBI agent, might or might not be ethical, depending on the circumstances (office email to a colleague and lover probably is not), but it is not a crime. Mr. Mueller’s move to remove Strzok was correct and timely, but do not read in this move more than it contains. The issue that is much more serious, and in demand of the serious and deep investigation, is:  What was the state of the U.S. Counterintelligence Service during the Obama Administration, and specifically around the Elections time? Mr. Strzok, as reported, was in the position of the Deputy Chief of the FBI Counterintelligence for the Russian Affairs, he was the main nerve center through whom the information, concepts, strategy, and tactics were flowing. Was the situation around that time assessed correctly?  This is the question of the adequate competence, which is very different from all the other possibly related or unrelated issues. All these issues have to be examined and assessed, the mistakes have to be determined, studied and analyzed, to minimize their chances to be repeated again.  Stop your vicious attacks on Mrs. Clinton. My impression is (and I wrote about this in my blogs earlier, and I think, other people did mention this too) that
  • Hillary Clinton “hacked emails affair” was a diversion,
designed and implemented by the same actors who engaged in the “Trump election affair”, with the purposes of diverting the focus of attention, human and other resources, etc., etc., from Trump affair. If we consider and accept this possibility (which might be a signature style of the hostile intelligence service), then many other aspects appear to fall in their places in this big picture.  The matters, issues, and the questions about Peter Strzok and his activities (or lack of them, or their misdirection) are not his choice of words describing Mrs. Clinton’s attitude, which he recommended to Mr. Comey (“extreme carelessness” instead of “gross negligence”), but his ability to be on the top of the situation, with the adequate understanding and reading of the players involved, their motivations, their rules of the game, their ultimate goals, etc., etc..
  • That is why the calls for the full and urgent FBI and their services investigations on the part of the Congress are completely justified. We have to understand what went wrong in order to do it right in the future. 
Politicization is a double-edged sword. It has to be recognized and avoided equally on both sides: conservative and liberal, republican and democratic. The institutions, traditions, culture are the cornerstones of stability in the face of the ongoing political onslaught of populism and the relative extremes of the “far right” or the “far left”, for the lack of the better terms. The FBI and the other institutions have to avoid these political extremes and to stay centered, as their new Director, Mr. Wray, suggested in his letter to the FBI employees. This organization has deep, severe, and the long-standing problems. In order to be corrected, the nature of these problems has to be understood and diagnosed correctly. 
  • Another aspect is the connection between the current “Trump affair” and 9/11,
not just as an issue of inability to see and prevent them, but as the possible single causal chain, perpetuated by the same or the simular kind of actors. The follow-up on 9/11 investigation, or the review, conducted by the FBI, cannot be considered adequate, despite the many good and valid points, dispersed in the text of this report, on which I wrote about earlier also.  Mr. Mueller, Mr. Comey, Mr. Wray, and the other relevant persons involved: Do not protect the FBI needlessly. It is counterproductive. The FBI has to be investigated to the utmost depth, to the bone, to the raw, painful, and ugly truth, and all of it. And the facts and conjectures have to be shared with the public. The FBI is deteriorating and degenerating in front of our eyes, and the signs of it abound. The in-depth reassessment is needed, if we want this organization to survive and to revitalize. It is not the exaggeration to add that this is the matter of survival of America herself, as we know it. 
Michael Novakhov – My Bullet Points
| 5:44 AM 12/7/2017 – Peter Strzok – News Review: On Strzok, Let’s Wait for the Evidence – National Review | A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department. Now. 

Are you serious, Mr. Wray?!

FBI Director Defends Bureau’s ‘Brave Men And Women’ After Trump Twitter Attack “There is no finer institution than the FBI, Director Chris Wray told Congress. Saved Stories
Saved Stories – None
FBI Director Defends Bureau’s ‘Brave Men And Women’ After Trump Twitter Attack
‘Worst password offenders’ of 2017 include Trump, Republican Party – Metro US
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WATCH: FBI director Christopher Wray testifies before House committee - New York Daily News | Lawmakers press FBI on alleged bias in Clinton, Trump cases - Reuters | FBI Director Defends Bureau's 'Brave Men And Women' After Trump Twitter Attack | 

Michael Novakhov – My Bullet Points


7:56 AM 12/7/2017 – FBI’s Crisis and Peter Strzok – My Bullet Points – by Michael Novakhov

Five Things to Know About Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok http://bit.ly/2ixKNpN  via @BreitbartNews

Five Things to Know About Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok

Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is under scrutiny after it was revealed that he dismissed investigator Peter Strzok for anti-Trump texts.
_______________________________________ Story image for Peter Strzok from National Review

On Strzok, Let’s Wait for the Evidence

National Review12 hours ago
I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude on FBI agent Peter Strzok, who is now enmeshed in a political storm
Ingraham: Appearance of Partisanship in Mueller Probe ‘Unacceptable, Disgusting and Unfair’ – Fox News Insider
House Intel chairman threatens FBI director, deputy AG with contempt of Congress – KSDK
FBI agent fired from Russia probe oversaw Flynn interviews, softened Comey language on Clinton email actions – Fox News
The Incredible Tale of a Reckless, Partisan FBI Agent and Our Partisan Bureaucracy – National Review
Gowdy: FBI has had a ‘really bad last 18 months’ – The Hill
Hugh Hewitt:

A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department. Now.

– TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press
Chuck Grassley demands FBI communications in bias probe of Peter Strzok – Washington Examiner
FBI will hand over anti-Trump texts its top Hillary and Russia investigator sent his lover after buckling to warning … – Daily Mail
FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump texts demanded by Senate – Washington Times
Peter Strzok – Google News
Peter Strzok – Google News
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On Strzok, Let’s Wait for the Evidence – National Review
The Incredible Tale of a Reckless, Partisan FBI Agent and Our Partisan Bureaucracy – National Review
The FBI’s Forrest Gump: Agent fired from Mueller probe for sending anti-Trump texts to his lover interviewed Mike … – Daily Mail
CNN: FBI Agent Strzok Changed Comey’s Clinton Language From “Grossly Negligent” To “Extremely Careless” – RealClearPolitics
Double-crossing FBI agent must be held accountable – New York Post
Five Things to Know About Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok – Breitbart News
The new right-wing attack on the Mueller probe, explained – Vox
DOJ to hand over official’s anti-Trump texts, amid contempt threat … – Fox News
Obama’s Legacy of Bureaucratic Rot: Peter Strzok – American Spectator
The FBI’s constant bungling is an American embarrassment – The Hill
Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks
Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks
Peter Strzok – Google Search
Five Things to Know About Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok
Mueller Removed Top Agent in Russia Inquiry Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts
Trump, Russia And Beyond: 3 Tough Questions As FBI Director Heads To Congress – NPR
Government Documents Show FBI Cleared Filmmaker Laura Poitras After Six-Year Fishing Expedition – EFF
Republicans hammer Mueller, FBI as Russia investigation intensifies – Washington Post
Whistleblower: Flynn Signaled End to Russia Sanctions Minutes Into Trump Presidency – Voice of America
Whistleblower: Michael Flynn told business colleague on inauguration day that Russia sanctions would be ‘ripped up’ – Business Insider
Trump’s Attacks Put New FBI Director in Tough Spot – U.S. News & World Report
It is time for Trump to vacate the presidency – National Catholic Reporter
Investigators are finally using the word treason in the Trump-Russia scandal
Diplomats And World Leaders Hate Trumps Jerusalem Move — But His Base Loves It
Trumps Potential Justice Obstructions
House conservatives to press FBI on ‘bias’ against Trump
FBI and DOJ have Been Under Investigation Since January American Lens
Peter Strzok Photo: See First Image of the FBI Agent
fbi criticism – Google Search
How Nonpartisan and Independent Was the FBI’s Leadership in 2016?
DANA MILBANK: Latest fallback: Who cares if Trump colluded with Russia? – Meridian Star
Yesterday The Supreme Court Jolted LGBTQ People With A Frightening Reality
Today’s Headlines and Commentary
FBI and DOJ have Been Under Investigation Since January – American Lens
Subpoena For Deutsche Bank May Put Mueller On Collision Course With Trump – NPR
Gingrich: The swamp is more corrupt than we thought it was – Fox News
The quest for collusion is over as the desperate shriek for impeachment begins – Washington Post
Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks
Peter Strzok – Google Search
mikenova shared this story from Peter Strzok – Google News.

Story image for Peter Strzok from National Review

On Strzok, Let’s Wait for the Evidence

National Review12 hours ago
I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude on FBI agent Peter Strzok, who is now enmeshed in a political storm involving both the Clinton and the Trump investigations. You know why? Well . . . it’s because I can’t stand the Clintons. What difference does that make? Well, because I didn’t like them any better in 2001.
Anti-Trump bias exposed in Mueller probe In-DepthFox News15 hours ago
Cohen: Smoking gun of FBI’s bias OpinionBoston HeraldDec 4, 2017
Media image for Peter Strzok from Washington Post
Washington Post


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