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Italy Coronavirus: the hypothesis of the active and deliberate spread of the infectious agent from the Italian Alps, from the North to the South, which explains the distribution of cases. - 4:14 PM 3/19/2020

My hometown, Bergamo (Italy): The vehicles from the army move coffins out of the city as the crematorium is struggling to cope. (I was unsure about posting. But I saw a video of students irresponsibly partying in Florida during semester break.) #COVID19 — Guido Salvaneschi (@guidosalva) March 19, 2020 - _______________________________________________________________ M.N.: When you look at the statistics of Coronavirus cases in Italy, it is easy to notice that the numbers of cases consistently and gradually decrease from the Northern areas to the Southern ones, being the greatest in Lombardy, right in center beneath the Italian Alps. The direction of the wind is from the north to the south.  This allows us to hypothesize that if the infectious agent, possibly in the form of the aerosol, or some other suitable form, and possibly distributed in some fashion fro