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Maloy and Putin: "Hello, Hello!"

"Hello, Maloy in Blue! Play Hockey und you're O.K.! But if you play (geopolitical) CHESS, you will be zi real Grandmaster, just like your Big ("Good? WOLF") Dadya (Uncle) Vova. Learn from the best, and never mind the rest!"  All of this looks and sounds very good, that's what the doctor ordered, my Dear Friend Big D (Daddy) but we have to consult our SIX Advisers first, to make sure that everything is in sync and Kosher. And the main thing is to clear the playing field, to find out, to dig out, and to throw out the old garbage, otherwise it will be in the way of this new Big Game.  The purposes of the full disclosure and Repentance in all three Abrahamic religions is very simple and practical: to prevent the certain types of occurred sins from happening in the future again. And first of all, we have to understand, what really happened, and who did what. The good, detailed, absolutely honest, in-depth legal and historical investigations will help the