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3:14 PM 12/30/2019 - Mazel Tov, Vovchick-khan! Keep it up! Enjoy!

Vladimir Putin and Alexey Dumin: the long rumored Gay Lovers? Of course, they are! And if they are not, they should definitely try it: they radiate so much love when they look at each other.  Go for it, boys! Enjoy! Let yourself go. Let your hair down, keep your guns up, and dip your toes into water. Sow your wild oats, anywhere you feel like it. Much better than to sublimate it with aggression! Patriarch Kirill, you should definitely bless them, and issue the Special Church Decree, cancelling the "Gay Propaganda Prohibition Law".  Apparently, poor little Kabayeva is just a beard. Volodya, it is time to man up,  to shave your beard off, to grow nice thin artistic mustache, and to become the real powerful US-MAN, like all your friends - khans. We will call you Vovchick-khan!  Post Link -  3:52 PM 12/30/2019 Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks℠   Monsey = Monsignor + mopsy + mosey + Moses - Google Search Monsey = Monsignor + mopsy + mosey + Moses - Google Search M