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Selected Articles Review - 10:09 AM 7/20/2023: When the FBI Wiretapped American Jewish Citizens - U.S. News -

When the FBI Wiretapped American Jewish Citizens - U.S. News - posted at 14:05:35 UTC   via When Israeli President Isaac Herzog ascends the rostrum Wednesday to address a joint congressional session in the House of Representatives, most people in Washington will already know the broad outlines of what he will say. America and Israel are two countries united by common values and governing traditions, the script goes; they share common enemies and challenges, and so on. What he's not likely to talk about is the uncomfortable truths about America's actions towards Jews in the previous century. Subscribe 15Skip 15 seconds backwards 1XChange playback rate from 1 to 1 Many already know that when Jewish refugees needed America the most – as Nazis were ramping up operations to exterminate them – the U.S. government  refused to take in  Jews fleeing Hitler's Germany. After World War II ended and the magnitude of the Holocaust became apparent, attitudes in t