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The spate of mass killings in Germany: car accident on February 24 2020: The Ides of March, to The People of Mars - Volkmarsen, to The People of War, for a change. - Google Search

Post Link: | |  _______________________________________________________________ car accident in germany 2020 : the late Valentine card? Better late than never?  Between the Valentine's Day and the Ides of March:  1.  ___________________________________ "Han, au!" Hello, boys! Nice job. Drink a lot of "kessel", my dear Doctors Kesselmans, and use your hookahs in Deutsche Shish bars! | #TweetsByMikeNov | 6:58 AM 2/20/2020 - News Review Can we talk about the Trump-loving, QAnon-type who slaughtered 10 people in Germany? | Will Bunch    The Philadelphia Inquirer 2.  __________________________ »   Saved Stories - None: More than 30 injured after after car 'driven into crowds' at carnival parade in Germany 24/02/20 12:57 from  Saved Stories from Michael_Novakhov (1 sites) Saved Stories - None »   mikenov on Twitter: More than 30 injured after after car