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My #Plan for the #MiddleEastPeace | #TweetsByMikeNov

My Plan for the Middle East Peace 1. Establish joint Federal State of Israel-Palestine with Equal Rights and Opportunities for all, and with the one and the same Citizenship. Both ethnic groups or Nations: the Israelis and the Palestinians will benefit enormously, and this new State will be strong, powerful, prosperous, and the model for the other Nations and the World.  1.1 Open the political process for the Palestinian participation on par with the Israeli Arabs, include them into the existing Israeli political parties or allow them to run for the political offices from their existing parties and groups.  1.2 Include Mr. Abbas and Mr. Haniyeh as ministers in the joint Cabinet of this Federal State with responsibilities for their respective territories and people, on the equal footing with other ministers, and with equal opportunities for participating in discussions and for their input.   1.2.1 Before presenting your peace plans or any other plans and ideas to the World,