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FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia 

6/28/2018 - FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia (GRJM) - News Review Deutsche Bank: A Global Bank for Oligarchs — American & Russian, Part 3 Deutsche Bank: A Global Bank for Oligarchs — American & Russian, Part 3 - WhoWhatWhy Not only is President Donald Trump personally tied up with Deutsche Bank to the tune of $300 million, but h...
Saved Stories - Posts on G+: The FBI Crisis Of 2018 - News Review - 9:51 AM 6/28/2018 | Global Russian Jewish Mafia - Google Search...
The FBI Crisis Of 2018 - News Review - 9:51 AM 6/28/2018 | Global Russian Jewish Mafia - Google Search
M.N.: There appears to be the universal chorus of the FBI criticism, both from the Left and the Right, from the conservative and from the liberal circles and authors, and also, importantly, from the DOJ itself. Some of their opinions are highlighted and quoted below. The main concerns are the lack of efficiency and the lack of professionalism, which might stem from the same causal factors which have to be objectively studied and understood fully and in-depth. Restricting the access to information, including the statistical data, needed for the criminological studies, is not the solution, but the sign of the stonewalling, panic, and helplessness. The problems are complex and multifaceted and have to be acknowledged and addressed.  Selected Posts
Saved Stories - Posts on G+: Is Ernst Uhrlau The Joker? THE DEMIURG? “He’s making us dance and he’s enjoying every minute it. It ...
Is Ernst Uhrlau The Joker? THE DEMIURG? “He’s making us dance and he’s enjoying every minute it. It makes him feel important.” – By Michael Novakhov – 7.1.18

Should The FBI Be Abolished?

But there is a common denominator in all these scandals or alleged scandals, and that would be the FBI and the actions they took or didn’t take... However, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that this agency has become so politicized, so corrupt, and so large and bureaucratic that it may no longer be an effective agency. The time has come to discuss its abolition.

Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now!

"After American intelligence agencies failed to detect and stop Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack, sixteen years ago, Congress more than doubled their budgets and gave them unprecedented secret authorities. As the intelligence beat reporter for the Washington Post at the time, I watched these agencies grow in size, as dozens of new buildings appeared around the Washington region to house a ballooning workforce of over a million people with top-secret security clearances... All these measures, and many more, were put in place in the name of national security. And yet, last year, these vastly larger agencies failed to defend, or even warn, the American public against the most audacious Russian covert operation toward the United States since the end of the Cold War. Only after the fact, when a Russian disinformation campaign had already tainted the 2016 Presidential election, did the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, another vast post-9/11 creation, disclose the Kremlin’s interference. The unclassified January, 2017, report, made public by the O.D.N.I., included only the thinnest of evidence, leaving many people wondering if it were true. Whether the Russian campaign actually changed the outcome of the election is impossible to know, but it clearly succeeded at exacerbating political divisions in the United States and undermining the credibility of the results..."

"Members of Congress should pay special attention to the F.B.I., which conducts counterintelligence in the United States but which, according to most insiders I interviewed recently, is not up to the job of detecting and countering Russian disinformation."



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