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"Go, Greta, go!" | FBI News Review - 10:04 PM 12/13/2019

________________________________________________________________ Michael Novakhov 8 mins  ·  Shared via AddThis  ·  "Go, Greta, go!" Back to your pinky kindergarten! "Go, Greta, go!" Not in public, but in private, por favor! "Go, Greta, go!" To your psychotherapist and your nannies! "Go, Greta, go!" Going, going, GONE! Finally! Thank God! And never come back! Make sure, you do not give her any visas! "Go, Greta, go!" To any insane Asylum of your choice but not in the US, Because you will drive all of us crazy! "Go, Greta, go!" A! S! A! P! ASAP: As soon as possible! And never, ever, ever come back. AMEN. __________________________________________________________________________________ By  Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) Sharing link:   Rss-formatted:   Atom-format