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9:35 PM 3/10/2020 - Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks℠: Russia Was Targeting America When It Triggered the Oil War | | Germany and Russia’s Secret War Against America | | Trump Dismisses His Administration’s Briefing on Russian Interference | Wars of Religion - The American Interest | NYC Half Marathon, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Still Planned Amid Calls For ‘Social Distancing’ – CBS New York | IRGC Says Coronavirus Outbreak Is ‘Biological Warfare’ By America, 3,500 Infected Iranian Researcher: Coronavirus Could Be Bio-Weapon

Image Propelled by Hatred and Envy, the Children of the KGB wage the non-stop, 24x7, comprehensive, systematic, well thought out and planned Intelligence war on America and the West, and inciting the racial tensions is just a part of it, among many others, such as actively using the recent emigres from the USSR as their Fifth Column, and aggressive infiltration of the US Security Services and Government on all levels. Like so many times at the critical periods in the recent history, the KGB - Russian Intelligence Services, rely on the alliance with their most beloved, socially close to them "Related Element", the Criminal Underworld; and the Russian Jewish Mafia, or Transnational Organized Crime, the Global BOSS, is their current ally, leader, tool, and wedge, which with they intend to destroy America. #RussianJewishMob=#TransnationalOrganizedCrime=#NewAbwehr took over #Russia & #Israel, #usi