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7:33 AM 3/13/2020 - Michael Novakhov @mikenov: #FBI has to be very #seriously & #indepth #investigated or they will #destroy this #country...

Image fbi cointelpro and police state - Google Search cointelpro - YouTube _________________________________ Michael Novakhov @mikenov FBI has to be very seriously & in-depth investigated or they will destroy this country by turning it into the Police State, and it is half way there. This feeling is very bitter. It is the implosion from within, the deadly sickness, the Joker's utter madness with the broad smile. 7 h   Michael Novakhov @mikenov Never thought it might happen, coming from the USSR, but here we are. At least, I can still breathe # free and write free here... Guys made huge # mistakes and were subverted, and now they are paying very high # price for it, with their skins, and our skins. 7 h   Michael Novakhov @mikenov Yes, this is the absolute truth, I experienc