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7:16 PM 7/18/2020

The Disease X-19 – 7.13.20 Update Covid-19 Review: The Pandemic As The Bio-Info-Weapon  –  The Disease X-19 I respectfully recommend to WHO and the Scientific Community to rename “Covid-19” into the “Disease X-19”, because the etiology of this syndrome is highly  uncertain , and it might involve more pathogens than Sars-Cov-2 alone (possibly Hantaviruses, ASF, and/or other infections). Furthermore; presently, as reported by the clinicians, the clinical picture appears to be the  complex multi-organ – multi-system failures , it looks quite different from the one which was initially observed and described in China in the beginning of 2020. It is more than just the terminology; it is the correct unbiased thinking and the correct, fruitful research and the interventions. Naturally, the broader outlook changes the perspectives on the evaluation: all the relevant lab tests have to be performed, including on the old preserved samples. The comprehensive studies, testing this h