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Open Letter

To DOJ, for Mr. Mueller

I respectfully recommend to Mr. Mueller to interview, subpoena, or to interrogate Sergei Skripal as the part of his investigation. It looks like he might be one of the main masterminds and the culprits of the Operation Trump. 
I also respectfully advise that Mr. Skripal may be overtly or covertly mentally ill. 
It appears that his motivations were to reunite Ukraine and Russia and to restore the USSR via the re-installation of the Yanukovich regime. His web of connections has to be explored. It appears also that he might be the main author or one of the authors of “Steele dossier”. It also looks like he signals that he might have more materials of this kind in his posession, which he intends to use to establish the “TLClassics in the right places”. 
It is also quite possible that he was the main organizer and inspiration behind the capture of Crimea and the War in Donbass, whose territory he, apparently, intended to offer to Russia in exchange for assistance in re-installing Yanukivich. For Russians the Donbass was not worth the global outcry and the economic blockade, so they did not make a deal. Yanukovich probably, did not want to sacrifice Donbass for his return either, so this plan came to naught. 
“The amazing “coincidenceOn March 2, 2018, Friday: Yanukovych Calls For Direct Talks Between Kyiv, Separatists. The same day March 2, 2018, the “Russian team”: “Boshirov, Petrov, Fedotov”  arrive from Moscow just for 2-3 days. On March 3, Skripal’s daughter arrived.  The team, in my humble opinion, was the dead drop servicing team which apparently served these functions previously and in the various places, including Prague in 2014, as reported in the press. Boshirov acted as the main operator, Petrov as his look-out and a physician in the case the dead drop was booby trapped, and “Fedotov” (Fedot da ne tot) apparently functioned as the controller for the duo.  It is possible that the team brought the message directly from Yanukovych and/or others confirming that the separatist war in Donbass is over Hypothetically, Skripal got hysterical and staged his own and his daughters’s poisoning, sending the message back: “YOU POISONED ME!” 
I think that the information that could be obtained from Skripal holds the keys to many answers. I think that he has to be very carefully investigated. One of the most intriguing quiestions are his connections with the “New Abwehr”. Please see my blogs for more details. 
I think that to interview Yanukovych, and the related and significant others, is also a very good idea. 
Sincerely, Michael Novakhov

The Postcards from Skripal

"This “ham-handedness”, the deliberate, demonstrative sloppiness, crudeness, as if it were the invitation to be discovered, is the pervasive, constantly present, the distinguishing, the defining, the hallmark feature of ALL recent operations, including, very much so, the Operation Trump. This feature has to be addressed and investigated thoroughly, it might contain one of the main clues. It might indicate the possible set-up or the number of other explanations, which have to be explored." - 10.6.18 
Skripal is not able to play his fiddle as a master, he plays it "ham-handedly", as a "Novichok - Novice", and it shows. He is not "Skripal - the Fiddler", he is the old, tired, sick, manic-depressive, alcoholic "Skripun", the irritating noise maker. And this instrument, the Skripal-Skripun, is used by the Demiurge The Conductor and his New Abwehr -his orchestra, and for their own purposes, plans, and designs. Your humble servant, Mike Nova, or "Novi", is also a "Novichok", of course. He also passes under a larger cover: "Noa". - 10.14.18
See also: 
Here is one of the hypothetical Masterminds of the Annexation of Crimea and the separatist War in the Eastern Ukraine, and probably many other interesting projects. 
Image result for The Postcards from the Skripals
“Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia pictured in Salisbury Zizzi restaurant”…  Note the line “TLClassics” on the “menu” above the “picture of the White House”. See the rest of the interpretation in the post.  Image result for The Postcards from the Skripals The Map of the “New Ukraine” (in white), without the Crimea. It was already annexed by the time this photo was taken, probably in 2016; and without Donbass, where the separatist war was at its height at that time. Kyiv is the black dot in the center of the white cut-off Ukrainian near-triangle. The black dots on the left (heart) sides are probably the symbols of the future shoulder chips to be obtained in “liberated” Kyiv, in the case of Daddy, the epaulets. The future “Marshal Skripal”, a.k.a. The Sub-Demiurge. I do think that Mr. Skripal may be mentally disturbed or ill, possibly delusional, in addition to being very manipulative person.  – M.N. – 10.12.18 See the Interpretations of other postcards in the posts. – M.N.  Salisbury Poisoning – Russia News: M.N.: This intimate knowledge of the Russian Passport system and the names of the operatives could come from Skripal himself and/or his associates and connections. |
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