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Kamala Harris and Chris Wray - Google Search - Tweets Review

  Post Link - Tweets   by  ‎@mikenov  |  Michael Novakhov @mikenov Kamala Harris and Chris Wray - Google Search https://   https://www. -fbi-terrorism-and-the-progressive-left-this-is-a-job-for-kamala-harris/  … The FBI, terrorism and the left: A job for Kamala Harris? The FBI remains obsessed with progressives, when right-wing violence is the immediate threat. Harris can help 1 m    Michael Novakhov Retweeted Tim @Krommsan The # j6 rally was hyped by the media and government. The patriots SAIT it’s a sting op and a trap. There was one arrest… a conceal carrying Govt member. I’m sure # CNN will build up these # fedboi # FBI # CIA groupies as something sinister. # Fear sells. 33 m    Michael Novakhov Retweeted Rick @FishingFinisher Replying to @Kaitain_US How many of those # FBI Boyz will be attending swinger parties with their fellow Bureau Butties? 16 m    Michael Novakhov Retweeted TAYPE International @taypeinternat ht