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» FBI Con Artist Douglas Leff - Google Search | » Douglas Leff hacked Rossello for TelegramGate - Google Search 05/08/19 13:51 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks Michael_Novakhov shared this story .

9:42 AM 2/28/2020 - Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks℠: Digging into the coercion and propaganda of J. Edgar Hoover | City Pulse - Book Review - #FBINews

Psychiatrist: Trump is a “con man”! | M.N.: It should be 100% obvious to everyone. Open your eyes, already! Do not make it too late!

3:16 PM 2/25/2020 - The KGB Inspector Khlestakov goes to Washington, to be carefully inspected; and other FBI news

9:43 AM 2/23/2020 - “The NSC is the brain of the national security apparatus. Trump and O’Brien are giving it a lobotomy,” the columnist and historian David Rothkopf wrote in Daily Beast.

10:34 AM 2/24/2020 - Putin, the country will not hold: the ex-FSB Colonel predicted the collapse of Russia - "Критики, активисты, блогеры подвергаются жестоким репрессиям. Все идет к массовым репрессиям и теперь ключевой вопрос: а будет ли власть стрелять в народ?"

10:47 AM 2/26/2020 - Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks Review In 250 Brief Posts

8:26 AM 8/23/2019 - To: Douglas Leff: Answer the accusations that I brought against you: you are the Mossad-(Correction: Not GRU, but FSB; too stupid to be in GRU) -Mafia agent and the mole. And if you do not answer them, it is you who is "crazy", not me. What were your relations with Jeffrey Epstein? FBI, publish all the background and the biographical material on Douglas Leff that you have in your possession. The same applies to the "relevant others". This issue is much too serious to be simply ignored, and it will not go away. No, Sirs!

"political criminology" - Google News: China using local 'agents' to spread misinformation online: institute - Taipei Times