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Donald, I think that you are in complete and total DENIAL. You do not want to face the reality. - 4:01 PM 12/17/2019 one word

Donald, I think that you are in complete and total DENIAL. You do not want to face the reality.  These name callings and repetitions of the same things will take you nowhere. I gave you my best advice I could search for. There is nothing I can add to it at this point. There is a sense of impending doom and tragedy hanging in the air. Let the chips fall wherever they may, then. I did what I could for you. You act like the narrow minded bull. It may not end well for you.  M.N.  »   FoxNewsChannel's YouTube Videos: Trump answers questions on impeachment ahead of House vote 17/12/19 19:41 from  Trump News TV from Michael_Novakhov (15 sites) From: FoxNewsChannel Duration: 03:40 The President and First Lady participate in a 2:2 meeting with Guatemala's President and First Lady in the Oval Office. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX Ne...  _____________________________________________________________________________ His response w

We'll start with ZIZ! - 8:07 AM 12/17/2019 | Updated and corrected on 12.20.19

MESHUGGAH - Bleed (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Donald:  1. Give orders to FBI and CIA to investigate, HOW Zelensky was elected, and who really was behind it (I think, the New Abwehr , and obviously, Kolomoisky ):  "The World Just Witnessed  the First Entirely Virtual Presidential Campaign.   Ukraine’s new president-elect made no public speeches, held no rallies and gave no press conferences. "  He sold you out, you expose him, and it is only fair.  We'll start with this.  2. Give orders to FBI and CIA to look into Kushchevskaya massacre and Putin's and his security services very likely complicity in it. See details in my blogs.  Give the recommendations (you cannot and should not order them but just to advise) to the Voice Of America and RFERL, and all the other related broadcasting services to cover these issues daily and intensively. Keep the volume at its maximum. He will not survive it politically. No "puppetmaster" - no "puppet"