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8:43 AM 3/27/2020 - Coronavirus Transmission: My Hypothesis: COVID-19 is used as a Bioweapon

Image _____________________________________________________ My Hypothesis:  COVID-19 is used as a Bioweapon The route of transmission is infectious fecal aerosol to lungs, which can be used in both the targeted ways, against the selected individuals, and in mass spreading ways, by spraying the same type of the aerosol, derived from the infected "human bombs", in a variety of forms: from drones, moving vehicles, by insertion into the ventilation systems, by substituting the cleaning aerosols, etc., etc. This hypothesis has to be researched and checked out, if it is correct it will provide the keys for dealing with the Epidemic. The driving criminal force behind this hypothetical spread is very likely the Mafia, very likely the Russian Jewish one, the TOC, or the other varieties, allied with some Intellige