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Donald Trump as AGENT ORANGE, und Putin too - By Michael Novakhov - 2:43 PM 12/5/2019

President Donald Trump attends the NATO summit on Dec. 4 in Watford, England. New Morning Consult polling shows the president's approval statistically unchanged over the course of the past two months, amid a House impeachment inquiry. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Donald Trump as AGENT ORANGE
He suffers from chloracne which are quite visible, and he hides it with heavy make-up and regular frequent tanning by artificial UV light. 
One of the possible hypothetical reasons - his refusal to pay Deutsche Bank loans made before early 2000-s. He sued them back, and no one really knows how he managed to convince them to back off. I think he threatened (practically blackmailed them) to reveal, that it were the Germans and the Deutsche Bank, who were behind  9/11, and that it was the New Abwehr's Intelligence Operation. Until now, the content of his blackmail remains essentially unknown. However, it was very effective: the Germans backed down, suddenly fell in love with him, and started to lo…