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"Smarmy, slimy, smiling" - Harvard Law Professor Predicts Jared Kushner Will Be Exposed as ‘Insatiably Greedy Benedict Arnold’ – Mediaite - RECENT POSTS – TRUMP INVESTIGATIONS REPORT - 11:34 PM 3/9/2019

A Harvard Law professor tore into Trump son-in-law and White House advisor  Jared Kushner  on Saturday, ultimately predicting Kushner will eventually be “exposed as an insatiably greedy Benedict Arnold.” Constitutional law expert  Laurence Tribe  wrote his comment on Twitter in response to a tweet by Newsweek columnist  Seth Abramson . “I’m going to tell you now the chief thing I’ve learned from many months of research for my forthcoming book Proof of Conspiracy: Jared Kushner is now the greatest domestic danger to America. And many former US government officials know for a fact that what I’ve just said is true,” Abramson wrote. Tribe replied: “I’m with @SethAbramson here. Smarmy, slimy, smiling Jared Kushner of 666 Fifth Avenue is the beating heart of this unprecedentedly corrupt and deeply evil administration. He’ll eventually be exposed as an insatiably greedy Benedict Arnold. Read the thread and watch this space.” Read the full thread that prompted Tribe’s re

"fbi criticism" - Google News: SXSW 2019: Live updates - CNN

March 09, 2019 FBI News Review at 23 Hours "fbi criticism" - Google News: SXSW 2019: Live updates - CNN "fbi criticism" - Google News: Paul Manafort is about to face another sentencing judge: Amy Berman Jackson - The Washington Post "fbi