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A reply to my Brother The Devil

A reply to my Brother The Devil

Dear Brother: 

Our pain is palpable, our anger is immense, murderous is our rage, and yours - boils with blood. 
Help us to solve these mysteries. Everything comes to it natural end, and everything is pregnant with the new beginnings. We will understand. Tell us your whole story, you want to be heard. You want to be known, you want to be recognized. The humans should learn from your victories and should study your defeats. Nothing is new under the sun, whatever was, will be. Tell us your story, we want to understand it. It will be recorded in History, and you will live on its pages. 

We want to learn from you, Demiurge. 

Michael | 9:24 PM 12/11/2019

P.S. I also think, that the 80 years WAR OF ABWEHR AGAINST AMERICA: 1940 - 2020, is now over. 
The only thing that is left is the mop-up operation, which has to be conducted smartly and carefully. 
3:08 AM 12/12/2019

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A Letter from The Devil: David Anderson and Francine Graham - Telling names Interpretations - BY Michael Novakhov - 8:00 PM 12/11/2019