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Qui Bono from the Iran Conflict? Trump and Netanyahu! - 9:56 PM 1/9/2020


Regarding the “Missile Hypothesis” - 2:31 PM 1/9/2020

This Post Link - 2:31 PM 1/9/2020Regarding the “Missile Hypothesis”M.N.: Dear Friends, let me share my thinking with you regarding the reports, that just appeared in the press regarding the hypothesis that the crashed Ukrainian plane was hit by the surface to air missiles, fired by the Iranians.  It is possible, hypothetically, that the missiles were fired, but it is next to impossible that they hit the plane. The statistical chances of miss for two objects, moving randomly, without continuous in-flight corrections of trajectory for one of these objects, are much greater, than the chances of direct hit. Ask the specialists to comment on this thesis. 2. The plane did not look like it disintegrated in the air, as it would, if it were hit by the missile. Judging from this video below, it continued its flight as the single, integrated object, and it exploded only when it hit the ground.  ______________________________________ Thu, 09 Jan 2020 04:33:27 -0500 From:msnbcleanforward
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