Selected Posts: "Worse than sharks..." - 12:13 PM 1/16/2018

SELECTED POSTS - 12:13 PM 1/16/2018

12/11/2017 – Worse than sharks: The FBI: They Eat Their Young, (and each other, too…)
10:32 AM 12/11/2017 – Worse than sharks: The FBI: They Eat Their Young, (and each other, too…)

The Showboats – By Michael Novakhov

Investigate the investigators!

Save America!

Reform the FBI now!

showboat | theatre | Britannica.com – showboat: Floating theatre that tied up at towns along the waterways of the southern and midwestern United States, especially along the Mississippi and Ohio …
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The Showboats

7.12.17All of the FBI is just one huge “showboat”, in Trump’s words.
Their first and foremost concern is to manage their own publicity and to present themselves as the “heroes” to the American public, while, in fact, they are at the roots of the problem. And they are just as slow, flashy, exhibitionistic, inefficient, outdated, and ridiculous. The FBI’s incompetent, red neck, dim-wit nincompoops are not able to protect the country. Some people call them the ‘caps”, others the “feds” or the “g-men”. They should be called The Showboats, to use a surprisingly astute term and definition by Mr. Trump, although without necessarily agreeing with him on Mr. Comey and his firing. Comey, in my humble, outsider’s opinion, and on the basis of the press reports, is a very good and moral man. In retrospect, and in the view of what has transpired, (and we still know quite a little of it yet), the issue of his efficiency as the FBI Director might be posed, and this feature of his performance might be questioned. However, to be fair, the efficiency of the organization is not the direct translation of the qualities of its Director, it is much more complex and more “multifactorial”, it depends on many, and often times, conflicting factors. Introduce the legislation forbidding the FBI to manage their own publicity and to engage in self-promotion, self-advertising, and self-entertainment. They just have to do their job and to do it well and properly. We do not need “heroes” for this, or more correctly, the psychopaths in heroes’ clothes, of whom there are plenty, among both the agents and their “darling” informants, who manipulate the Bureau any which way they wish. This is “a first step if the FBI is to be transformed into the first-rate crime fighting organization it professes to be rather the
They did also become a “state within the state”, an organization built on the mafia “family and brotherhood” principles and structure, and the “American KGB”, with the main difference of lacking their adversaries’ and infiltrators’ efficiency, while sharing the same skills and the same tools of the trade, like the infamous “COINTELPRO“, for example. It is hard to know who of them excelled whom in these self-serving games of the village idiots, in these deliberate games and roles of the half-demented “local yokels”. And it is also hard to know, who was the real author of this approach: one of the Soviet sadistic Berias or J. Edgar Hoover himself, who was so eager to learn from his Soviet counterparts. Stalinism is both pervasive and perverse. Hoover bragged that he “sponsored the Communist Party USA” (did he mean allowing the money transfers from the USSR?) because he “wanted to see what they will do”. And also, apparently, to use this information at the convenient moments for self-and-Bureau promotion and self-advertising, which apparently, were for him the thing inseparable: him and the Bureau. They were married to the grave in this perverse, homophobic, latently homosexual union. FBI have the rich and very questionable history and origins, and it shows. The issues of the long-standing hostile efforts at infiltration and penetration are the part, and the very important one, of the FBI’s problems. Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! Michael Novakhov 7.12.17 Apparently, there is a need for the broadly based, public, objective measures and measurements of the FBI Performance. The Law Enforcement needs them no less than industries, and maybe more, much more. – 10.31.17 Updated on 10.31-23-14.17 __________________________ Links to Sources and References  
NewsweekSep 26, 2017
After using computers at the FBI to download naked photos of women and talking for months with a foreign national, an FBI agent stayed …
After using computers at the FBI to download naked photos of women and talking for months with a foreign national, an FBI agent stayed employed for years—and wasn’t even disciplined. The case is one in an ongoing probe by Department of Justice that found “systemic” misconduct problems at the FBI where the bureau was not reporting “high-risk security concerns” made against agents, according to a memo released Tuesday. ___________________________
12.11.17 – The F.B.I. Director Christopher Wrays testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last week suggests that he has joined the Justice Department effort to stop the public from learning about the bureausrole in the 2016 election, he avoided answering questions about the alleged bias of the top F.B.I. agent, and former member of Muellers team, Peter Strzok, and dismissed questions about surveillance warrants that may have been obtained to spy on the Trump campaign. The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.
3:02 AM 12/11/2017 Pirro: FBI, DOJ Need a Cleansing With People Taken Out in Cuffs Breitbart…
Mon, 11 Dec 2017 09:31:08 +0100
3:02 AM 12/11/2017 Pirro: FBI, DOJ Need a Cleansing With People Taken Out in Cuffs Breitbart News Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now!


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