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The Latest Posts -  The FBI News Review   __________________________________________________ Pages -  The FBI News Review Home 1. Mike Nova's Shared NewsLinks The Road To Dictatorship: FBI + Facebook. "Like? No Like!" - By Michael Novakhov Michael Novakhov - Posts on Twitter - 250 Pages | Review In Brief: FBI News Review and Updat... The FBI News Review and Updates The FBI News Review and Updates - 3:47 AM 11/10/20... FBI News Review - Website Posts Michael Novakhov on Twitter In 25 Posts "Barr to investigate FBI" - Google News Links, Tweets and Reading List - by Michael Novakhov Who guards the guardians? Who is "Douglas Leff"? H... The FBI News Review Blog: Facebook and FBI are pav... The "Thousand Oaks Bar and Grill"... - 2:05 PM 11/... Tainos, Jibaros, Gypsies, who call themselves the ... 3:20 PM 6/25/2018 - Update:  Teacher Arrested For... Puerto Rico Coup D'Etat of July 2019 Selected Posts: "Worse than sharks..." - 12:13

7:25 AM 1/3/2021 - Video game developers fund terror

Video game developers fund terror - GS Link   On the other hand, according to my media reviews based observations, many subjects, victims-perpetrators, as I understand this, are the avid funs of the various military and aggressive types of the videogames, and apparently their behaviors are influenced by these videogames significantly.  As I wrote previously, these circumstances might be arranged deliberately, to push the susceptible and vulnerable to these manipulations subjects to commit the aggressive acts, including the mass killings.  I think, FBI should pay very close attention to these circumstances.  Michael Novakhov 7:25 AM 1/3/2021 Big video game developer fund terror through online adverts Sunday January 3 rd , 2021  at  7:15 AM Defence Blog 1 Share Cyprus-based video game developer, Gaijin Entertainment reportedly is funding pro-Russian rebels, terrorist groups in Ukraine through embedded third-party sponsorships and ads in YouTube content. The story was first reported by