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11:32 AM 8/11/2020 - News Review

Saved and Shared Stories – Latest Posts 11:32 AM 8/11/2020 - News Review Saved and Shared Stories from Michael_Novakhov (4 sites) Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks: mikenov on Twitter: FBI is controlled by the Russian Organized Crime, that is why they were not able to foresee "Covid-19" as the global act of bioterrorism, and that is why they are not willing and able to deal with it. Investigate the Investigators! Saved Stories - None: Crime and Criminology from Michael_Novakhov (10 sites): Michael Novakhov on Twitter from Michael_Novakhov (4 sites): mikenov on Twitter: Investigate Putin, the New Abwehr German agent, his KGB-s, his GRU-s, his Mafia State, and his Russian Mafia: a bunch of hateful, demented, primitive post-Communist jackals The FBI News Review: Putin, the Global Firesetter In Chief, turned on h... Saved Stories - None: FOX News: Cal Thomas: Trump on voting by mail president is rig