6:36 AM 8/22/2020 - Steve Bannon’s indictment marks the end of a political era - Tweets by ‎@mikenov


6:36 AM 8/22/2020 - Steve Bannon’s indictment marks the end of a political era


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    The Senate Intelligence Committee dropped a bombshell about Russia's interference in the 2016 election -- and its ongoing efforts to disrupt the 2020 contest as well. And most people just sort of shrugged, writes Chris Cillizza https://cnn.it/3geYfdq 
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    Ex-Bush intelligence director endorses Biden: He beats Trump on "character, compassion and life experience" http://hill.cm/Q6D5PWr 
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    God has no need to be defended by anyone and does not want His name to be used to terrorize people. We call upon everyone to stop using religions to incite hatred, violence, extremism and blind fanaticism.
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    Leaked audio shows Trump touted low Black voter turnout in 2016: report http://hill.cm/LWo57HU 
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    Biden draws highest TV ratings of Democratic convention, but down from 2016 http://hill.cm/ggk0rJu 
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    Mexico will receive at least 2,000 doses of Russia’s candidate coronavirus vaccine as part of the injection's Phase 3 clinical trials, Mexico’s foreign minister said Thursdayhttps://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/08/21/mexico-to-test-russias-coronavirus-vaccine-a71214 
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    New and existing customers get our best deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G. It's not complicated.
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    Guardian front page, Saturday 22 August 2020: Back us over U-turn or I quit, Ofqual chief told Williamson
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    Wildfires across California have now claimed six lives and forced evacuations for more than 100,000 people. http://to.pbs.org/3j3v3b2 
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    Lyme disease is currently treated with antibiotics, but there’s interest in developing a new vaccine
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    The Biden-Harris campaign have plans to make public college tuition-free, cancel student debt, and more http://on.forbes.com/6018GmdBp 
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    They all still know.

    They’re just too chicken to say. https://twitter.com/RepsForBiden/status/1296906118367780865
  14. The Best of the Coronavirus Blog This Week | by Yasmin Tayag | Aug, 2020 | Elemental https://elemental.medium.com/the-best-of-the-coronavirus-blog-this-week-e69298f0591b 
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    Bannon was arrested in only the latest scam by Trump’s den of thieves.

    For the President and his cronies, there is no end to the cycle of greed, deception, corruption, indictment and conviction.

    Everything they do is to enrich themselves. It’s never about the American people.
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    VP Mike Pence: "I've got a newsflash for Joe Biden and that is we think there is a miracle around the corner."
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    Even conservative commentators acknowledged that Joe Biden “blew a hole” in President Trump’s depiction of him as a demented old man.

    But Rush Limbaugh has a different theory: “Some people are of the opinion that it had to be taped.” https://trib.al/wj5ghlh 
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    This case shows how Russia’s intelligence services operate on a very long-term basis. Recruitment begin in 1994. https://twitter.com/shanvav/status/1296899413936398342


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