FBI News Review: house judiciary committee – Google News: Trump faces a blitz of investigations from Democratic-run House – Reuters


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FBI is a very sick, Mafia and Nazi style type of the organisation staffed with shrewd but brainless and soulless psychopaths. It has to be studied and researched in depth. Their sick, unlawful, low, cynical, gypsy mentality type "secrets" and "mysteries" have to be exposed and revealed... FBI is the major threat to the sanity and the mental health of the American people. And you better investigate all of the above!

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Michael Novakhov on Twitter - 8:14 AM 4/16/2019

Why the FBI's counterintelligence probe of President Trump should be investigated | "Who Watches the FBI Watchmen?" | Did Obama use FBI to pressure Menendez to drop his opposition to new Cuba policies? And how did he do it? Investigate Obama, his Presidency, and the Obama's FBI!

M.N.: Continue this Purge: relentlessly and objectively. Use it to clean up and to strengthen the FBI but do the comprehensive reassessment and reevaluation of the big issues: Liberty and the FBI policing of thoughts, beliefs, political convictions (Cointelpro, etc.), its blatant, counterproductive, self-destructive for the advanced civil Society interference in all areas of life. FBI, know your place! | 6:28 AM 12/29/2018 - Obama's FBI brass hollowed out, after latest resignation of key official - Fox News - RUSSIA INVESTIGATION - Published December 5, 2018