10:54 AM 11/22/2018 – Head of Russian Skripal-linked GRU spy agency dies – BBC News – Saved Stories Review – The News and Times

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10:54 AM 11/22/2018 – Head of Russian Skripal-linked GRU spy agency dies – BBC News – Saved Stories Review – The News and Times


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Saved Stories In Brief 

Saved Stories – None
Trump administration prepares to add Venezuela to list of state sponsors of terrorism – Washington Post
Dow plunges more than 550 points, erases 2018 gains as Target and tech shares slide – CNBC
Thanksgiving Day temperatures may be among coldest ever in New York and elsewhere in Northeast – NBCNews.com
Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton – New York Times
Trump Lawyers Submit Written Responses to Mueller’s Questions – Wall Street Journal
Trump Submits Written Responses to Some of Mueller’s Questions – Bloomberg
Putin’s Man at Interpol – Wall Street Journal
1 killed in fiery car crash on NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge – CNBC
Mystery Swirls Around Arson Fire at NJ Mansion That Killed 4, Including 2 Kids – NBC New York
One Dead After Cars on Brooklyn Bridge Burst Into Flames – New York Times
No, Trump isn’t putting ‘America first.’ He’s putting himself first. – Washington Post
Police make arrest in killing, sex assault at St. Louis Catholic Supply store – ABC News
Troops approved to use force at the border, but Mattis says the mission hasn’t changed – Washington Post
Inside Trump’s refusal to testify in the Mueller probe – Philly.com
Man jailed in sexual assault and killing at Catholic Supply store in St. Louis – CBS News
9:17 AM 11/22/2018 – Articles Review – The News and Times
Торжественное мероприятие по случаю 100-летия ГРУ
Совещание с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности
Совещание с руководством Министерства обороны и предприятий ОПК
Министр обороны генерал армии Сергей Шойгу от лица руководства военного ведомства выразил соболезнования в связи со смертью начальника ГРУ генерал-полковника Игоря Коробова
GRU seems still in Putin’s favour
6:42 AM 11/22/2018 – Col. Gen. Igor V. Korobov, the head of the Russian GRU, died in Moscow at the age of 62
Head of Russian intelligence agency GRU dies at 62 – ABC News
PREPA Privatization Moving ForwardAs Legislature Updates Energy Policy – https://mailchi.mp/sanjuanweeklypr/prepa-privatization-moving-forwardas-legislature-updates-energy-policy …pic.twitter.com/8RWM0n6UgT


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