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The Postcard from San Juan: Investigate “Douglas Leff” & Co! - GS - 11:03 AM 9/4/2019

The Postcard from San Juan: Investigate “Douglas Leff” & Co! - GS

My dear Facebook readers: 

If you have any information about Douglas Leff, for the purposes of this ongoing investigative journalistic research, please let me know. Thank you. You can also use the contact forms in any of my Blogs on Blogger. 

Michael Novakhov, Zi InveZtigative Blogger

11:03 AM 9/4/2019

The Postcard from San Juan: Investigate “Douglas Leff” & Co!
10:51 AM 8/9/2019 – Post LinkThe Postcard from San Juan: Investigate “Douglas Leff” & Co!Wanda Vázquez was installed by Trump, Leff The Mamabicho, and the FBI. The Puerto Rico Nazi Trumpian Coup D’Etat continues and it is in progress! M.N.: If this is not the Coup D’Etat, then what is it?! | Puerto Rico Supreme Court Ousts New Governor, and Another Is Sworn In – NYT – 1 hour ago – 9:58 AM 8/8/2019 This case should be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. How and by whom? | We will do it very easily,…