Hello, Admiral Kostyukov! How was your coffee today? - 5:53 AM 9/2/2019

Post LInk - Hello, Admiral Kostyukov! How was your coffee today? - 5:53 AM 9/2/2019

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My Postcard to GRU

Hello, Admiral Kostyukov! | The Despikable (TIPEJO) ME!!! ME IZZI ZI Boriqua, cua, qua! Mi wonna ziz prrturriccan bases! I vinisuki-elan too! Und Kuban dildo mi wantz, a nice zigarr forr mein bruther Freud. Zi-zi!- 6:33 AM 8/25/2019 | He wantz to Sing, Senores! With zinger and panache, Herr Urhlau wonna SZINK!!! - M.N. - 6:45 AM 8/25/2019 
August 25, 2019

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The Mr. GRU had finally arrived, in one of his most truest real life reincarnations: 

Hello, Admiral Kostyukov! 

How was your coffee today? You look like you managed to wake up. Mazel Tov to you too, amigo. 
Nice operation. Next time let me know in advance, I will arrange the blogging coverage for you, with the independent editorial opinions, as always. Ziz time you caught us all by surprise. Come and see Puerto Rico sometimes, although we did run out of our "FOR SALE" stickers. We will give you a sack of our famous Puerto Rican coffee beans, as a little present, to help you to stay awake and to do your important work on protecting us, poor savages, from all sorts of the alien invasions, including your most fascinating "Bratki". 
Und ziz will be our little contribution to the world pacification. 

With the best, warmest, and highest Communist Greetings, 

Michael Novakhov

By the way, I liked your predecessors too, but they left us so soon, just as I began to get used to them. Well, "the call of duty", I guess. 

Nice talking to you, Admiral. Send me a postcard too, by the Internet.

7:06 AM 8/25/2019


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